Issue #3

November 15, 2009

This is the script for third issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City.

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Panel 2 Shot of Glyph talking.


It’s like if you’re backstage after a concert, or at an after-party, no one picks up a guitar and starts jamming. Not because they don’t love the music, but because they just need a break from it. See, with great responsibility there must also come great pressure. This is just a friendly way for these people to all blow off the same steam.

Panel 3 A pull back to see both of them again.


Maybe I just haven’t been at this long enough to really get it.


Could be. Or it could be parties just aren’t your scene.

In this issue, Kinetic compares different views of what it means to be a superhero, and begins to realize what it will take for him to live that life.


Issue #2 version 2

November 14, 2009

This is the latest version of the second issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City.

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It’s a science word, right? Means, like, motion energy? Right?


Right. Like my powers. Kinetic energy.


That makes sense. I like it when names make sense.

In this issue, Kinetic gets closer to acting on his dream, and Maxwell Murder makes a move. In this version, some of the secenes were tightened up to make room for Max.

Issue #2

November 2, 2009

This is the script for the second issue of my monthly superhero comic book, Rapid City.

Read Issue #2 here.

Panel 4: Rat’s eye view, peeking out from some hidey-hole as the two walk past.


“Could be I’m shooting at the same 3 or 4 rats every day and they don’t mind it at all…”

In this issue, the running changes start to show. The character who had been named Rampart in the previous issue is now named Kinetic. There are a few other details that, as of “press time”, have not been ironed out. They aren’t that important, and apart from some name confusion, the story is intact.



October 26, 2009

Staying true to my experiment, one of my biggest challenges seems to be conflict.

If the story of Kinetic’s struggle to start being a superhero is to mirror my own struggles to start writing a superhero comic book, then his biggest initial obstacle is just doing it.

How do you go from not doing it to doing it? You start doing it!

The trouble with that is, that it is hard to dramatize (especially in an action-heavy genre) the LACK of something to do, and the internal motivation to get out there and do it anyway.

Usually you can conceive of an antagonist who embodies an opposing ideal (altruism vs selfishness). But when the concepts being personified are action and inaction……

Dramatizing inaction is practically an oxymoron. It winds up looking a lot like moping.

Well, here’s hoping that Kinetic finds a worthy antagonist real soon.

Wolverine #72

June 2, 2009
you want some a THIS?

you want some a THIS?

Wolverine #72

Mark Millar
Steve McNiven

Some kind of delay, or publishing schedule over-lap or something like that, has caused this to be the last chapter of this story which will appear in the regular Wolverine title. I think they are shuffling it off to a double sized special edition in order to get this book back in line with main continuity. This issue sees Old Man Logan coming to the end of his long, messed up journey. And, of course, things are still getting worse and worse.
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New Avengers: The Reunion #3

May 13, 2009

New Avengers: The Reunion #3

Jim McCann
David Lopez

The newly returned Mockingbird continues her reintroduction to the Marvel Universe and her estranged husband Clint (Hawkeye/Ronin) Barton by leading us all on an international spy-chase to uproot the latest AIM game.
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Invincible #61

April 29, 2009

Trouble afoot.

Trouble afoot.

Invincible #61

Robert Kirkman
Ryan Ottley

Without a doubt one of the best “indie” superhero comics of all time, Invincible is the story of a young man learning to deal with incredible powers and a troubled legacy. When Hannah at my LCS first convinced me to buy this book, she did so by saying that it was like if Peter Parker’s dad was Superman. And that is EXACTLY what it is like. Except that it isn’t. It doesn’t feel derivative at all because the characters seem so honest.
In issue #60, the “Invici-verse” suffered a major shake-up in teh form of a single issue “cross-over event” called “Invincible War”. It featured major destruction and now we are dealing with (as the cover boldly proclaims) the aftermath.

What worked:
Invincible is a great character. He is good person in situations. The result is morally ambiguous dialogue cut through by decisive action. When talking about it, the characters all express fairly valid world views, but then it is time to act and Invincible does what he knows to be right. It works because he is essentially a kid, so he is being pulled in all different directions, but he is decent and moral so he eventually does the right thing.
That, more than the beautiful artwork or fun action, has held this book afloat for more than 60 issues. Seeing Invincible struggle to make sense of his world, and then act on his newly formed convictions is a thrilling thing to see.

What did not work:
In the previous issue, evil versions of Invincible wrecked major world cities and killed millions of people. Easily the worst day in the history of the planet. And already, in the 5th panel of the aftermath issue, famous heroes are stepping up to Invincible’s defense. This is exactly the kind fo tragedy that can shake loyalties and make people say and do irrational things. This is what I am getting at. think back to 9-11. I bet you, like most Americans, felt, thought, and possibly even said some things which you would now consider to be racist. You were hurt, and frightened, and you just went with your gut. I am not saying that you acted in a racist way, but your reactions were not based one you LIFETIME of experience, but rather just the powerful impact of that one morning.
With a little bit of distance you can re-calibrate and get some perspective on something like this. It just rings a bit false, and a bit too easy, to have everyone already rallying by Invincible’s side. Everyone has accepted the fact that his father flipped from hero to villain…..sometimes you just don’t know someone as well as you think you do…..but even in the face of this global mega-disaster their knee jerk response if one of friendship and loyalty?
I don’t mean this as nit-pick of fictional character’s behaviors. Maybe that IS the way that Savage Dragon woudl respond. I mean this as disappointment over a lost dramatic opportunity. Kirkman takes the bold step of essentially wiping out all of his past continuity. None of those little human problems matter anymore. But, he seems to be already re-establishing the status quo. Everything Invincible knows is gone or shaken up, but he is already getting confirmation that he is still loved and trusted. When mistrust and resentment would make SO much sense at this moment, why give that back to him. He is hating and doubting himself for what happened, so why not pile on?
When Brian Bendis recently pulled a very similar move with Spider Woman in Secret Invasion, it didn’t quite feel right. Somehow, the weight just wasn’t behind it But that weight is here. It woudl make perfect sense for even his family to turn against him. It was HIS FACE they saw grinning as his duplicates murdered nations. I can see not being able to look at the face without feeling deep revulsion and dread, regardless of what you knew of him before. In a situation like this, there IS no before.
Why make such a decisive and book-changing move if you are then going to immediately start cleaning the wound and softening the blow?