Daily City Train

November 23, 2009

“He was a writer, and an artist, and a poet, and a friend.”

Well, this morning it was just writer, and commuter.
I love busting out the mini-laptop on my train ride in to work. I get a kick out of assuming that people are looking at me and assuming that I am doing something important. Or, I guess they could assume that I am playing solitaire or looking at porn.

So, yes, I enjoy my own self-dramatizing assumptions about what others assume about me.

But, better than that, I enjoy making that time my own. It’s usually just dead-time. Veg-out time in between bed and work. Time to just sit and stare. Or, on some days, quietly nap with my arm around the best girl in the city*. On the days when I have my mini out, though, I am a writer. I’m writing.

Plus, it makes the commute fly by. I guess time that you own tends to go a lot faster than time that is owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Getting this little lap-top was one of the things that inspired me to write this story. It is a small, portable, piece of technology which helps me to use my talent to do what i want to do. It is represented in the story by Kinetic’s power gauntlets, which are portable pieces of technology which aid him in his efforts to put his natural powers to use as a super-hero.

Metaphorically, my re-claiming of that “drive time” would be represented by Kinetic taking a few minutes on his way in to work to save somebody’s life.


*and the whole world.


November 18, 2009

Progress is slowing a bit.

I know what I am doing with issue 4, but I am having trouble pulling it off. I should say I am having trouble stretching it out. I am dramatizing the challenge of just sticking it out….of not going home when things get rough, or boring.

So, if i show too much happening, it defeats that conflict. I need the CHARACTER to be bored, but the reader must be engaged.

I can handle some of it with voice over….but I don’t know how thin I can stretch that.

Ultimately, I think I will honor the experiment and just stick it out. Learn to just put head down and soldier through it at the same time that my character does.

He has to deal with the fact that it isn’t always fun super-battles, just the same way that I do.

Plot wise, this issue is mostly coasting….letting things play out. But it is hard to keep that going to the end.

I guess, like Kinetic, i will just have to wait to see how it works out.


Issue #3

November 15, 2009

This is the script for third issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City.

Read it here.

Panel 2 Shot of Glyph talking.


It’s like if you’re backstage after a concert, or at an after-party, no one picks up a guitar and starts jamming. Not because they don’t love the music, but because they just need a break from it. See, with great responsibility there must also come great pressure. This is just a friendly way for these people to all blow off the same steam.

Panel 3 A pull back to see both of them again.


Maybe I just haven’t been at this long enough to really get it.


Could be. Or it could be parties just aren’t your scene.

In this issue, Kinetic compares different views of what it means to be a superhero, and begins to realize what it will take for him to live that life.

Issue #2 version 2

November 14, 2009

This is the latest version of the second issue of my superhero comic book, Rapid City.

Read it here.


It’s a science word, right? Means, like, motion energy? Right?


Right. Like my powers. Kinetic energy.


That makes sense. I like it when names make sense.

In this issue, Kinetic gets closer to acting on his dream, and Maxwell Murder makes a move. In this version, some of the secenes were tightened up to make room for Max.

Time Travel

November 12, 2009

Spent yesterday re-working issue 2. I still have one important scene to force in there.

It is strange, though, how things come together. Like the teeth of a zipper. I had the elements all laid out, and now they are being pulled together. In a way I guess it is similar to how you move forward in time…as real people. I know what is going to happen tomorrow, but I don;t know exactly how it will happen, or what the results will be. And the further off things are, the more indistinct they remain.

Like, yeah, I know that Kinetic and Daryl are going to team up, and likely become friends, but I don’t know exactly how or when that will occur.

Also, i was recently reading a comic book where the main character is lost in time. I bet you can figure out which one I am talking about. He finds himself visiting his own life at different points. He is compelled to not alter the past, to not make any changes. And I thought, why? Why not? Because whatever world was the result, well, that would just be the world, just as valid as whatever other world came about in the previous iteration.

Essentially, why should one randomly assembled world be any more inherently precious than any random reassembling of that world? It is a hard question to actually answer, but I think that we all feel the same way. you want to keep the one you have….because that’s the one you have.

You already know that one, so to wipe it away would be tragic even if it were replaced by one that is just as good or even better.

That is how I feel about some of these scenes that I know I have to axe. They are good. They deserve to exist simply by virtue of having been born. It is the side of the time travel story that you seldom see…when the world is made right again, no one weeps for that universe of “alternates” who lived and breathed their time on that world that was never meant to be.

I think I will set up a section on my scripts page for these “alternates”. Not a graveyard for dead things, but a place where different things happened.

Issue #1 version 2

November 9, 2009

This is the new script for the first issue of my monthly superhero comic book, Rapid City.

Read Issue #1 version 2 here

In this re-write, I compressed a few scenes, brought in Maxwell Murder, and corrected some of the character names which had been changed in later scripts.



November 8, 2009

I use a program called Celtx to write my scripts.

It really makes things easy. There are a few little bumps here and there, but nothing that cannot be easily dealt with.

I just spent the past hour or two re-working my Issue #1.

The main thrust of the story is unchanged, but I had to push things around a little bit in order to insert a few scenes that I needed to happen earlier in the story.

It also gave me a chance to go back in and correct some character names