Daily City Train

“He was a writer, and an artist, and a poet, and a friend.”

Well, this morning it was just writer, and commuter.
I love busting out the mini-laptop on my train ride in to work. I get a kick out of assuming that people are looking at me and assuming that I am doing something important. Or, I guess they could assume that I am playing solitaire or looking at porn.

So, yes, I enjoy my own self-dramatizing assumptions about what others assume about me.

But, better than that, I enjoy making that time my own. It’s usually just dead-time. Veg-out time in between bed and work. Time to just sit and stare. Or, on some days, quietly nap with my arm around the best girl in the city*. On the days when I have my mini out, though, I am a writer. I’m writing.

Plus, it makes the commute fly by. I guess time that you own tends to go a lot faster than time that is owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Getting this little lap-top was one of the things that inspired me to write this story. It is a small, portable, piece of technology which helps me to use my talent to do what i want to do. It is represented in the story by Kinetic’s power gauntlets, which are portable pieces of technology which aid him in his efforts to put his natural powers to use as a super-hero.

Metaphorically, my re-claiming of that “drive time” would be represented by Kinetic taking a few minutes on his way in to work to save somebody’s life.


*and the whole world.


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