Time Travel

Spent yesterday re-working issue 2. I still have one important scene to force in there.

It is strange, though, how things come together. Like the teeth of a zipper. I had the elements all laid out, and now they are being pulled together. In a way I guess it is similar to how you move forward in time…as real people. I know what is going to happen tomorrow, but I don;t know exactly how it will happen, or what the results will be. And the further off things are, the more indistinct they remain.

Like, yeah, I know that Kinetic and Daryl are going to team up, and likely become friends, but I don’t know exactly how or when that will occur.

Also, i was recently reading a comic book where the main character is lost in time. I bet you can figure out which one I am talking about. He finds himself visiting his own life at different points. He is compelled to not alter the past, to not make any changes. And I thought, why? Why not? Because whatever world was the result, well, that would just be the world, just as valid as whatever other world came about in the previous iteration.

Essentially, why should one randomly assembled world be any more inherently precious than any random reassembling of that world? It is a hard question to actually answer, but I think that we all feel the same way. you want to keep the one you have….because that’s the one you have.

You already know that one, so to wipe it away would be tragic even if it were replaced by one that is just as good or even better.

That is how I feel about some of these scenes that I know I have to axe. They are good. They deserve to exist simply by virtue of having been born. It is the side of the time travel story that you seldom see…when the world is made right again, no one weeps for that universe of “alternates” who lived and breathed their time on that world that was never meant to be.

I think I will set up a section on my scripts page for these “alternates”. Not a graveyard for dead things, but a place where different things happened.


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