The Walking Dead #60

The Walking Dead #60

The swarming dead

The swarming dead


Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic keeps rolling along.

What worked:
60 creator owned issues? Clearly this book works. It is relentless. This book is not cute or fun or “awesome”. There are no “Planet Terror” moments in this comic. It is all badness, all the time. So when some of the characters seem to have found a possible respite, you really do feel for them. You really do want it to last, despite the fact that you know from reading the other plot line in the same issue that their peace is going to be very short lived.

What did not work:
After 60 issues with a fairly stable cast, Kirkman’s characters start to sound a bit like their own cliches. But maybe that is just realism. After spending that much time with the same people, I guess you really would get sick of the sound of their voices.


4 Responses to The Walking Dead #60

  1. seaneyb says:

    Nice write up. I’m not sure I agree that I agree with your comment on the characters though. The change you see in the characters (Rick, in particular) as the extreme circumstances take there toll is one of my favourite things about the WD. Admittedly, I’m only on book 4 (hardcover) which, I think only goes up to issue 45.

    • joshdahl says:

      Oh, don’t misunderstand me. I LOVE the characters in Walking Dead.
      In fact, making this review fit into my what-worked-what-didn’t-work format was a bit of a challenge.

      One of the best things in the book is the changes that the characters go through. My criticism is with the way that the characters start to sound alike after a while. If I am going to be fair, this is actually the fault of reading SO MANY Kirkman comic books.

      But, of course they are all going to sound similar, they are all written by the same man. And, while they do have many rich differences…after 60 issues of this title, and about as many of Invincible…the similarities start to show through.

      You are only on issue 45…wow. You have some times ahead of you!

      Oh, and thanks for reading my reviews.

  2. seaneyb says:

    Ah, ok. That’s a fair point.

    By the way, do you know if the WD is gonna run indefinitely or is it scheduled to end some time? I’d almost prefer the former as it’d be a shame for the series to run out of steam.

    Anyway, cool blog man. I’m fairly new to comics so reading the views of guys who know their stuff is invaluable.

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